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Garden Delight

Earth Life Garden Delight

What is it?

A 100% natural plant food containing plant available silica, minerals, trace elements, organic material and garden friendly microbes. (Does not contain animal waste eg. Manures)


What does it do?

Promotes healthier plants more able to withstand adverse conditions. Encourages earthworm activity.

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Earth Life Break Down

What is it?

A ready to use based organic ferment.

What does it do?

Break Down initiates and accelerates the breakdown of organic residue and returns nutrients to the soil.

Where and when to use it?

Apply Break Down to your compost, garden bed or lawn to accelerate the breakdown of dead plant materials.

Other Uses

  • Add to septic system (for less smell and a healthier system)
  • Remove organic material from plumbing pipes.
  • Reduce odour in stored grey water.

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