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Lawn Blend

Earth Life Lawn Blend

What is it?

A complete lawn conditioner and fertiliser, containing minerals, trace elements, available silica and soil friendly microbes.

What does it do?

From seed: Lawn Blend applied and incorporated one week prior to seeding will create the ideal environment for seed germination. Also promotes a healthier, more robust root system and stronger thicker leaf growth.

Newly laid turf: Encourages new root growth and reduces the period of stress. This increases your lawns’ ability to withstand adverse conditions and heavy foot traffic. Also encourages earthworm activity within the root zone, which enhances nutrient availability. Discourages the presence of lawn grubs.

Lawn maintenance: Feeds and conditions established lawns, whilst promoting increased lateral growth. Less water will be required to keep your lawn looking fresh and healthy.

Where and when to use it?

Existing lawns: Top-dress as required for that healthy fresh look.

Newly laid turf: Extremely beneficial when spread immediately under newly laid turf and on top of the base material.

How often do you use it?

3 times per year minimum, or as often as necessary.

Application Rates

  • Seed lawns: 50gm/m2 (half a handful approx)
  • Newly laid turf: Minimum 100gm/m2 (1 handful approx)
  • All existing lawns: Minimum 100gm/m2 (1 handful approx)
  • Problem areas: Minimum 150gm/m2 (One to two handfuls approx) alternatively, aerate and apply Garden Mate first (min. 300 gm/m2)

Coverage Areas

20kg covers up to 200m2 @ 100gm/m2

40kg covers up to 400m2 @ 100gm/m2

Other Important Information

Ideal for use in other areas of the garden. Contains a balanced blend of fertiliser (including a non leachable natural phosphate), minerals and trace elements that are important in the establishment & maintenance of healthy lawns. Adjusts and maintains soil pH at the correct level. Safe for Australian native plants.